Real digital campaign monitoring

gemiusAdReal is an independent research on digital advertising that enables monitoring and analysis of online campaigns and digital strategies of all advertisers on the market based on their display, text and video ads delivered to the Internet users through various publishers (horizontal portals, social sites, search, video players etc.).

gemiusAdReal presents a complete picture of the digital advertising market of a given country, providing data on all types of campaigns from all kinds of advertisers and publishers. Particular campaigns are described by universal indicators, such as: Impressions, Reach, Real Users, FRQ, GRP and Viewability time.

It’s time to learn about Real Impact

gemiusAdReal is a passive research based on a panel, i.e. a representative group of the Internet users who have installed a research software inside their browsers. The software measures online behaviour of the panel members, focusing on their exposure to online advertising. Data collected from the observation of the participants of the study is categorised and processed in order to extrapolate an overall picture of the online advertising market.