Romania: Every 12th online video ad promotes cosmetics

Do, 08/31/2017 - 09:53

In July 2017, four out of every 10 Internet users in Romania were exposed to online commercial spots for cosmetics brands on Thanks to the gemiusAdRealTM study we know that in total, ads promoting personal care and hygiene products were displayed 24 million times to the Romanian users.

The cosmetics industry actively encourages shopping during the summer vacation. More than 24 million spots featuring personal care and hygiene products were broadcast in July on the Internet in Romania. This means that every twelfth commercial (8 percent) displayed in Romania promoted products for hair, body, face or mouth care, hair colouring cosmetics, deodorants, perfume or personal care and hygiene products for children. The industry’s online video commercials reached 43 percent of desktop and laptop computer users accessing the Web. In this regard, the health and beauty industry was ranked fourth in July, followed by food and pharmaceutical industries, among others (source: gemiusAdReal).

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Leading brands

In July, L'Oréal was the leading brand on the Internet in Romania in terms of broadcasting frequency The French brand’s product spots were broadcast almost 4.2 million times and viewed by 14 percent of Internet users. Nivea was the second most advertised brand in July. Its products were promoted by spots that were displayed 3.2 million times reaching 12 percent of Internet users. Colgate achieved third place in the brand ranking. The brand’s commercials were displayed 1.4 million times and viewed by eight percent of Internet users in Romania.

Leading broadcasters

One-fourth of Internet users in Romania (25 percent) viewed online spots for cosmetic brands on (11.1 million broadcasts). With 8.3 million views reaching almost every fifth Internet user (19 percent), landed second in the ranking. The top three of most popular broadcasts closes with Mediafax group’s websites, where 696,000 ads reached 4 per cent of Internet users.

An exception to the rule

Nivea and L'Oréal run active online campaigns not only in Romania, but also in Poland, Germany and Ukraine. In all these markets, at least one of these brands was among the top three in terms of the highest reach of online video advertising. Of those countries, Romania is the only market where reigns as the most popular online advertising channel for the cosmetics industry. In the remaining markets, is the number one broadcaster of online spots for that industry.

Gemius analysed data from July 2017 gathered from Romanian Internet users aged 14-74 who used desktop and laptop computers.